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Ground Floor Villa

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Garden II V1
LV1 Balcony I V1
LV1 Balcony I V2
LV1 Balcony I V3
LV1 Bathroom V1 1736
LV1 Bathroom V2 1737
LV1 Bathroom V3 1738
LV1 Bathroom V4


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Reservation Terms

Reservation Terms


Check in    :  16:00

Check out :  12:00 


The room prices mentioned in the web site, concern room and including taxes. 
Villa Endless View reserves the right to change the prices listed on the web site at any time without prior notice. 


For reservations made via our website, it is required to make a deposit that amounts to 30% of the total reservation amount payable by our bank account. 
An electronic reservation receipt (voucher) for every reservation will be mailed to the client, who is then required to hand it in upon check in for the offered services.

Cancellations & Modifications

Extension of stay 
In case the client wishes to extend his reservation during his stay in the Villa Endless View, the company cannot guarantee the prolongation of his stay in the same room, or even in the same hotel. 
In case the client wishes to extend his reservation prior to his arrival at the Villa Endless View, the client must contact the competent department of the hotel as soon as possible.

If the client wishes to change the days of his stay at the Villa Endless View, he must contact the competent department as soon as possible. 
In case the client wishes to shorten the duration of his stay after his arrival at the Villa Endless View, no refund is available. In any case, clients should contact the competent department of the hotel as soon as possible.

Cancellation of reservation 
In case the client wishes to cancel his reservation, he must contact the competent department of the Villa Endless View as soon as possible. 
The client reserves the right to cancel his reservation at any time pending the following sanctions:

Cancellation fee:

  • A no- show of the client at the hotel or a cancellation of reservation less than 60days prior to arrival date incurs a cancellation fee that amounts to the total amount of the advance reservation deposit.
  • A cancellation made more than 21 days prior to arrival is entitled to refund of the whole reservation deposit.

The refund of the reservation deposit to the client by the company is realized either via his credit card or via a deposit to the bank (the bank fees are covered by the client).

  • Departure is done till 12 o'clock noon.
  • Surcharge of 50% at departure until 18:00, and 100% after 18:000

For the due functioning of the hotel we’d kindly ask you to observe the rules as stated below:

  1. Comply with the common “quiet hours” accepted on the territory – from 14:00 till 17:00 and from 23:00 till 09:00.
  2. Please make sure that washed cooking utensils are dry enough before putting them back into a cupboard.
  3. Having used the BBQ utensils please keep them clean and in their proper places.

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